As an Investor with Dealer permissions, you can place an order to buy security tokens.

Buying as well as selling would be against the Issuer. It takes the form of a direct market order.
The Issuer supplies the final price, so the Investor is supplied with an estimated price at the time of placing the order. The Investor can specify the amount of slippage that can be accepted with unfavourable final price movement.

Investor Buy Direct Order

Step 1: 
Navigate to the relevant Instrument on the Marketplace, select "Buy".

Step 2: Populate the required input fields to create the specific order. 

The following table shows a description of the fields relevant to the specific Order.

Investor  Direct Order



How much of the Instrument would you like to buy?

Investment Amount

This is the total amount that you would like to spend on the Order.
This is a number with up to 2 decimals.


This is the number of Tokens that you have with the Investment Amount.
This is a number with up to 7 decimals.

Order Preview and Slippage


This is the percentage of slippage the user is willing to tolerate. 

This is a number with up to 2 decimals.

Step 3: Verify the order details and then Click "Place Order".

Step 4: A notification will indicate that your buy order is being processed.

Step 5: On your Main Application Bar, navigate to the "ORDERS" Tab to see your newly placed order under the "Awaiting Confirmation" category.