As an Issuer with Dealer permissions, you can place an order to buy back the tokens that you have issued and sold.

Issuer Buy Direct Order

Step 1: 
Navigate to the relevant Instrument on the Marketplace, select "Buy".

Step 2: Populate the required input fields to create the specific order. If you would like to adjust the referenced price, overwrite the indicative price. Once satisfied with the reference price, populate the tokens or the reference price.

The following table shows a description of the fields relevant to the specific Order.

Issuer  Direct Order



Who would you like to buy the instrument from? 


This is a drop down list that is populated specifically relevant to the signed-in company user listing all their counterparties.

How much of the Instrument would you like to buy?


This is the number of Tokens that you would like to buy of the relevant Order.
This is a number with up to 7 decimals.


This is the Price per token that you would like to buy.
This field is populated by the system, and can be overwritten.
This is a number with up to 2 decimals.


This is the total price that you would like to buy.
This is a number with up to 2 decimals.

Step 3: Verify the order details by expanding the Order Breakdown to see if the details are as you require and then Click "Place Order".

Step 4: A notification indicates that your sell order is being processed.

Step 5: On your Main Application Bar, navigate to the "ORDERS" Tab to see your newly placed order under the "Awaiting Confirmation" category.