A trade may fail for the following reasons:


  • Slippage of more than x% (x is specified): Between the quoted price and the time of execution, the price moved with more than x%.
  • Error message: The price moved unfavourably with more than the specified slippage of x%
  • Price movement caused insufficient balance to execute (if the user specified a receive amount).
  • Error message: Due to a price movement you no longer have sufficient balance to receive your specified amount.
  • User does not have Signing rights on the account:
  • Error message: You do not have the required signing rights on the account.
  • User does not have the required permissions anymore: an Error message will not be possible. The snackbar will list an error: "User is not authorised for this action. Please refresh your browser"

  • Connectivity to the Stellar network was temporarily unavailable.