Please see this article for an overview of what Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is.

Steps to set MFA up on Mesh :

  • Select and download an authentication app of your choice such as Google authenticator, Authy or Duo from the respective app store on your mobile device


  • Navigate to your User profile page from your profile picture on the Marketplace


  • On the bottom right corner click to enable your MFA


  • We currently have 3 features for which you can enable MFA (Login, Defund & Transfer), select the features for which you would like to enable MFA and submit


  • Connect your MFA to the app downloaded in step 1 by completing one of the following actions: 
    • Scan the QR code from your MFA authentication app, or
    • Copy the key and paste it or enter it into your selected authentication app


  • NB: You will also see a passphrase on the screen - ensure that you copy and store it in a safe place. This phrase will help you retrieve your access in the case of a lost device or connection to your MFA authentication device


  • Once the above is done, a code will be shown to you on the respective authentication app for your to enter on Mesh. Enter this code on the code accepting screen on Mesh and submit

You have successfully enabled your MFA on Mesh!