How is my total portfolio value determined on Mesh? And how is my profit and loss (PnL) calculated? We're glad you asked! These are important metrics for tracking your investment performance and making informed decisions.

Here's how we arrive at these values: Your Total Portfolio Value on Mesh represents the total value of your accumulated assets. This value is calculated by adding the current market value of all your assets to your cash balance.


For Traditional Instruments (TradFi), which are instruments listed on traditional exchanges around the world, we use the Sell price of the asset as the theoretical value you would receive if you were to liquidate the asset today.

For crypto tokens, we use the average price of all trades on the blockchain for that token in the last 24 hours. Two different methodologies are used because crypto tokens are much more volatile than TradFi instruments, with prices that can vary greatly throughout the day.


Your Profit and Loss (PnL) calculation in your portfolio shows the value of your assets over the full lifetime of your trading account(s), from account initiation to today.


Your PnL is calculated as follows:
A = Market valuation of the portfolio or account today,
B= Funding or transfers in (market valuation at the time of transfer),
C = Defunding or transfers out (market valuation at the time of transfer),
D = Fees.
The PnL value is calculated as A - B + C + D.


The market valuation graph is a line chart that displays the valuation of your portfolio over time, taking into account your transaction history and all asset price fluctuations.