mZar can be used outside of Mesh, as it is publicly available on the Stellar network. Anyone with access to assets on the network, such as XLM, will be able to use it to buy mZAR out of the XLM/mZAR liquidity pool. However, the mZAR stablecoin is specifically designed for use within the Mesh platform. 


You are only able to get newly minted mZAR through funding with real ZAR fiat and for that, you would need to be on the mZAR platform. Likewise, mZAR cannot be sent from Mesh to another account through a transfer, but it can be bought from an external account. 


While mZAR provides a convenient way to transact and hold ZAR equivalent balances on Mesh, it is not transferable to external wallets or platforms. However, you have the option to withdraw the ZAR equivalent of your mZAR balance into your linked bank account by initiating a defunding request.


To learn more about the process of withdrawing your mZAR equivalent into your linked bank account, we recommend referring to the Defunding FAQs. These FAQs will provide you with detailed information and instructions on how to initiate the defunding process and access your ZAR funds.  


If you have any further questions or need assistance with the defunding process or any other aspect of using mZAR on Mesh, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.