Once an order has been successfully placed, the order can be accessed from the Order Management screen on the Orders tab. You can navigate to the Order Management screen by clicking on the Orders tab in the Marketplace. 

Your order(s) will be shown in the Orders table, where they will either be awaiting confirmation or already be actioned (in the History section). 

From the Awaiting Confirmation section: 

Once an order has been selected, you can apply various actions to it. If the order was booked by you, you will be able to cancel the order by clicking on the Cancel button. 

If you are the counterparty, you may accept or decline the order by clicking on the Decline button or the Accept button. 

Placing or accepting orders will only be possible if you have a sufficient mZAR balance.

From the History Section:

All past or actioned orders can be accessed from the History section of the Orders table. The orders will either be Accepted, Declined, Cancelled, Settled or Under Investigation.