In order to access your accounts list, click on the Accounts button. The Accounts button (wallet icon) can be accessed from anywhere on Mesh, in the top right corner. 

The Defund option can be accessed from the main Trading account card,

Or from the Actions drop-down button on the mZAR asset view. 

This will open the Defund Account screen: 

You will have to specify the mZAR amount that you wish to defund, as well as the account to which the ZAR equivalent will be paid. If the account was not previously specified, you may link the new account by clicking on the Link a new account link and following the prompts. 

Once an account has been successfully linked, you will be asked to acknowledge the process:

  • Mesh will deposit the funds into the specified linked account

  • Mesh will use your unique funding reference as the defund reference

  • Banks can take up to 2 business days to settle EFT transactions

Please note that the defunding fees are handled separately from the defunding request. Always make sure that your selected trading account has sufficient mZAR to pay for the additional defunding fees. 

Refer to the Mesh website for more information on the Mesh fees schedule: 

Once the Defund button is clicked, your request will be forwarded to the Mesh team and they will process your request.