The Set Limit feature involves setting the limit for the number of settlement tokens/asset tokens that an account can hold at any time. This limit is separate from the amount of settlement tokens that the account is set to receive, but the limit needs to be sufficient in order for the account to receive the settlement. e.g. If your limit is set to 100 mZAR, your account may hold a maximum of 100 mZAR. If the expected maturity settlement is 1,000 mZAR, this scenario would cause a settlement failure because the set limit is insufficient and the account is not allowed to hold more than that set limit. 

You are able to set the asset limit at any time before, during or after the trade life-cycle or funding of stablecoin tokens. 

There are two ways to set or update your Asset Limit: From the "Accounts Screen" and from the "Fund Screen".

Set Asset Limit From Accounts Screen

Step 1: Navigate to your accounts page.

Step 2: Select the account which holds the relevant asset.

Step 3: On the accounts screen, select "Assets" tab below the portfolio overview.

Step 4: Navigate to the relevant Asset and click the Options Icon and select to "Set Limit".

Step 5: Specify your new asset limit and Click "Update".

This notification will confirm your new limit has been set:

Set Asset Limit From Funding Screen

Step 1: Navigate to your "Fund Account" page.

Step 2: Acknowledge the change of Mesh's banking details and click "Continue".

Step 3: On the funding screen, navigate to the "Asset Limit" section and define your Asset Limit, then click "Update".

This notification will confirm your new limit has been set: