Once your client profile has been verified, accounts will automatically be created for each group within your organisation. 

Your Mesh account is backed by a Stellar blockchain ledger, in which all of your assets are held. The Mesh wallet view is where you can access the account and view all assets and the transaction history for each of the assets.

There are 2 account types available to companies on Mesh, and each group created will automatically have accounts created for the group.

Account Type

Available to Client Types


Issuance Account

Issuers Only

The issuance account is used for creation of assets and has the responsibility for the asset and its control. 

Any asset issued by your organisation on Mesh will be issued from the Issuance account for the specified group. This account is linked to your organisation via Mesh, with control of the asset managed on Mesh. 

Trading Account




Agents (coming soon)

Standard trading account into which all Mesh assets you own will be placed. 

This includes your mZAR for any funding transactions as well as any assets you purchase via the Mesh Marketplace. 

Fees will be charged on actions taken, and will be directly debited from the selected trading account (for the selected group, where applicable)

Users with the correct roles can access accounts assigned by clicking on the accounts icon. 

Portfolio View

When accessing your accounts, you will see a portfolio overview, summarised across all the accounts that you have access to, based on the roles and groups you are permitted to access. 

Total Portfolio Value

This figure represents the total value of the assets you have accumulated on Mesh. We calculate this figure by adding the current market value (as traded and settled on Mesh) of all the assets in your account to your cash balance (Stablecoin underpinned by Fiat currency).

Profit and Loss Value

The profit and loss calculation in your portfolio shows the value of your assets over the full lifetime of your trading account(s). It displays the fluctuating value over time of the Stablecoin and the Stablecoin-based instruments you hold. 

Portfolio Allocation

This pie chart shows how the assets in your portfolio are distributed across different asset types.

When selecting a specific trading account, you will see a subset of the portfolio information, specific to the selected account. 

Asset Balances

After selecting an account, you will see a breakdown of all assets held in the account, with the current balance for each asset, as well as the mZAR value for the assets held, based on the current market value of the asset. 

Transaction History

Transaction History is available for a selected account, shown separately for each asset. To view the transaction history for a specific asset, click on the > arrow on the card, shown before the asset icon

Blockchain Explorer

Selecting the blockchain explorer on the account card will open a new tab in the browser that is the direct stellar view of the ledger associated with the Mesh Account.

This will allow you to view transactions, ledgers, and accounts directly on the Stellar blockchain with the Stellar Blockchain Explorer.