These steps will assist you in resetting your Mesh sign in password

Step 1: On the Mesh Sign up page, click on the Forgot Password link

Step 2: Input you registered Mesh email address. This is where the new reset password link will be sent, and click on the Send Reset Link button. If you no longer want to reset your password, click on the Return To Sign In button. 

Step 3: Check your mailbox for the Mesh Reset Password email. The email will contain your reset link. If you cannot find your email in your inbox, check in your spam/junk folder. Click on the Reset Password link.

Step 4: Enter your new password and repeat the matching password. Make sure to comply with the Mesh password policy. Once you have provided valid passwords, click on the Reset Password button.

Step 5: You will see this screen once your password has successfully been reset. You can proceed to the Mesh sign in page and provide your new password.