An Issuer refers to a company or other legal entity that specializes in building, registering, and selling financial instruments. On Mesh, Issuers utilize our Instrument Builder tool to construct and issue various financial instruments. For more detailed information on how to use the Instrument Builder, you can access the relevant resources by clicking here.


As an Issuer on Mesh, you assume the responsibility for all the material, documents, and information

associated with the financial instruments you create. These details are uploaded into the Mesh Instrument Builder during the issuance process.


Once a financial instrument is actively trading on Mesh, Issuers are accountable for providing timely updates regarding the instrument. This includes ensuring that the information shared is accurate, truthful, and free from any misleading aspects.


Additionally, Issuers must ensure compliance with all applicable rules and regulations governing the financial industry. It is important for Issuers to maintain compliance not only with Mesh's policies and guidelines but also with all relevant laws and regulations specific to their jurisdiction.


Issuers are responsible for ensuring that their financial instruments and legal entities adhere to the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.


At Mesh, we emphasize transparency, accuracy, and regulatory compliance. We encourage Issuers to

actively engage in providing up-to-date and compliant information about their financial instruments to foster a trustworthy and reliable trading environment for all users.

Should you have any further questions or require assistance regarding Issuer-related matters or any other aspect of using Mesh, please feel free to reach out to our support team.